Powered paraglider registration with Transport Canada in Quebec and Toronto.


How to register powered paraglider in Quebec by Christiane Moisan (aka CC)

Request for reservation of letters and registration of an ultra  light " paramotor "

 1. Submit to Transport Canada a request for letters (to be  forwarded in future post) via fax. Via fax or via mail Transport  Canada will give you the letters that have been reserved for you.

 Phone: 1-514-633-3580  Fax: 1-514-633-3585

No cost for letters given at random by Transport Canada (known model  and serial number)  $45,00 for letters given at random by Transport Canada (model serial  number unknown)  $140,00 for special reservation (you choose your own letters. If  they are available they will be given to you)

 2. All ultra light letters including paramotors registered begin  with C-I (C for Canada, I designates ultra lights). The last three  letters will be given to you by Transport Canada.

 3. Once your letters are known, you must fill out  the "Application for registration form" 26-0521  http://www.tc.gc.ca/pdf/26-0521.pdf

With this request you must also join:  - bill of sales of your paramotor. NOT THE WING. Just the  motor.  - a photo of your identification plate (you can make one  yourself. Metal plate of 3'' x 4'' with the following information  engraved on it):  Name of constructor: (example: POWERED PARAGLIDING NEW BRUNSWICK)  Model and serial number of your paramotor: (example: SD, serial no.  XXXX)  Year of construction:  - a photo of your letters either on your wing or on the bottom  of your harness. Letters must have a minimum of 3 inches

 4. Accompanying the above-mentioned documents you must pay $110  to the Receiver General of Canada. Once processed, you will receive  via mail your registration.

How to fill out form 26-0521:


Aircraft or Kit Manufacturer: Name of the constructor (example)  Paratour  Registration marks: the letters given to you by TC  Model Designation: example: SD, DK, Adventure  Serial no.: serial number on the engine  Aircraft is subject of: Bill of Sale  Country and year of assembly: Canada plus year of construction  Gross wing: Put the size of your wing. Example 27 m2  Proposed base of operation: the location where you fly the most or  the school or airport nearest you where you have permission to take-  off from.  Max. take-off weight: Maximum that your wing can take (written on  the inside of your wing)  Launch weight: Your weight plus equipment. MAKE SURE THAT THE  WEIGHT WRITTEN HERE IS LOWER THAN MAX. TAKE-OFF WEIGHT.  Empty weight: Weight of your paramotor. As a rule of thumb I always  put 50 lbs.  Stall speed: 25 kph (which is the average among the different wings  on the market. So as a rule I put 25 for all).  Number of seat: single

Particulars of applicant: all your info. Make sure that address is  correct.

Part D

Please make sure to check one of the two boxes date and sign the form.

On all requests you must have an accompanying letter putting in  reference my name (Christiane Moisan) as being the one taking care of  your file. You must also point out to them if you wish your file to  remain in Quebec or be transferred back to Toronto. As a suggestion  I would recommend your file stay in Quebec. If for some reason they  need more info it will be easier for me to deal with them if your  file is in Montreal office. When we talk about your file we mean  your registration file only.

 Mailing address to send your application with all the required  documents and cheque:

Transport Canada  Registration Department  2033-700 Leigh Capreol  Dorval (Québec) H4Y 1G7

 I sincerely hope I have made it a little easier for Ontario PPG  pilots to register their equipment WITHOUT HASSLE.

 Christiane Moisan (aka CC)


Registering powered paraglider in Toronto by John Weitner 

<john@dv-depot.com> wrote:

I have just completed the registration of my paramotor with the Toronto office of T.C.

Initially I contacted the office in Quebec mentioned below but was told to deal with my local office in Toronto.

I spoke with Jim P. at 416-952-0219 as to what was needed. They are:

1-completed form 26-0521 as outlined by Christiane above

2-copy of a bill of sale - the purpose of this not for the GST/PST but to show that legal title has passed.

3-I also included my receipt which showed proof of taxes paid.

4-A photocopy of your 3" x 4" steel nameplate. It includes the manufacturer, model and S/N. The year of make is not required.

I have access to a nameplate stamping machine so can help anyone with this.

5- Call back and ask for the finance department - pay the $110 by Visa and get your receipt # which you include on your fax to Jim.

I did this on Monday and Jim phoned me back on Tuesday with my registration number C-I CHZ. There's no need to include the reg'n number on your wing. I will make up a suitable sized reg/n plate to attach in the bottom of the seat. I guess they trust that you will do this part.

The process was quick and hassle free