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22 Feb 11 -  Valkaria Air Fest, Florida  -  What a great day for aviation pilots to play.  The scheduled of activities started with a Pancake Breakfast before the various types of aircraft arrived.  Lots of demonstration were displayed with R/C Aircraft, Rocket Launches, Skydivers, Gliders, Gyrocopters, Hand Gliders, Helicopters and Patty Wagstaff Aerobatics Show kept everyone busy throughout the day with live entertainment.  Eric and I had fun playing in the field completing a few co-ordinated turns and close wing tip to wing tip formation flying.   More pictures of the event will be in the PPG Fly-In folder shortly.


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21 Feb 11 -  Valkaria Airport, Florida -  This evening we met another couple who flys with his wife.  Roy is a pilot who loves to fly his PPC.  Johanne was surprised when Roy and Lori dropped a stuffed dog for her to catch.  The evening air was calm and even though the flight wasn't that long I enjoyed the warm flight!!


 IMG_0966.jpg (419029 bytes)   IMG_0988.jpg (247656 bytes)   IMG_0997.jpg (318201 bytes)


 IMG_0980.jpg (190149 bytes)



15 Feb 11 -  Florida flying!! -  I've been taking advantage of the nice warm weather in Florida.  It's been a change comparing to the weather back home. I've been flying Foot Launch as well as Trike to maintain my skills and to ensure I'm ready for training this spring.  It's shaping up to be another good year as eager potential PPG pilots are starting to book training.


 IMG_0934.jpg (348409 bytes) IMG_0935.jpg (283761 bytes) IMG_0954.jpg (336349 bytes) IMG_0949.jpg (187389 bytes)



13 Feb 11 -  2011 Valkaria Air Fest   -  This weekend we will be attending the Valkaria 2011 Air Fest Show at the Valkaria Airport in Florida.  There will  be Powered Pargliding Activity, Various Aircraft Arrivals (General, Experimental, Ultralights, LSA, Warbirds, etc.) Aerobatic Planes, Gliders, Helicopters, & Powered Parachute Rides - (P-51, PT-17 Stearman, R-44 Helicopter, Pitts Special, Fresh-Breeze XCitor, ASK-21 Glider Rides and Hot Air Balloons. We'll update with pics next week!!

For more info, check the website at  http://valkariaairfest.org


VAF_2011_Poster[1].png (12384532 bytes)



10 Feb 11 -  Another Licenced Ultralight Pilot in Fredericton, NB  -  Congratulations to Eric for passing his Transport Canada pilot written exam and becoming a fully licensed Ultralight pilot. 

 IMG_2337.jpg (564026 bytes)



3 Feb 11 -  Salton Sea Express Arrived  -  The Florida Para-Flyers finally arrived at Salton Sea, Califorina to event hosted by ParaToys.  You can see Glen, Mike, Rob and Marty totally enjoying their evening flight.


  saltonsea2011.1.jpg (205215 bytes)               saltonsea2011.jpg (147624 bytes)


  saltonsea2011.2.jpg (301702 bytes)       saltonsea2011.3.jpg (206217 bytes)



1 Feb 11 -  Salton Sea Express having fun at the Sand Dunes  -  The Florida Para-Flyers had a fun day in Glamis, California flying over the sand dunes.   The pilots next stop is Salton Sea, California to attend the ParaToys 2011 event this weekend.  Jo and I are normally attend the event but this year we're watching the action from the great white north!! That's OK,  there's always next year!!


Glamis.2.jpg (271544 bytes)  Glamis.5.jpg (216736 bytes)  Glamis.1.jpg (190340 bytes)


 Glamis.4.jpg (260342 bytes)   Glamis.6.jpg (303413 bytes)


                               Glen from Frederiction following Mike and Rob from Florida                                                                 Dean from England



29 Jan 11 -  Salton Sea Express   -  The Florida Para-Flyers have Mike's Motorhome all packed with 12 paramotors, 15 wings and one quad as a rescue vehicle heading for the 2011 Salton Sea Event next weekend.   Glen from Fredericton, NB is one the guys driving out.  Half way point they took a flight from Galveston Beach, Texas to enjoy the desert coast line.


IMG_9812.1.jpg (352838 bytes) IMG_9902.jpg (210387 bytes) IMG_9887.1.jpg (241709 bytes)



29 Jan 11 -  Sport Satellite GPS Messenger   -  This afternoon, Johanne was back home following my GPS location on the computer in real time using the link to Google Maps.  Staying connected even beyond the cellular by pushing a button can track your adventures everyday.  Emergency Assistance when you need it or not can be a peace of mind everyday in your tool box.   For today's flight I was planning on travelling to Sussex then to Elgin then back to Havelock but on route to Sussex the air was quite turbulent so I detoured to my second destination Elgin.  Most local pilots call the valley between Sussex and Moncton Turbulence Alley and after flying this alley frequently I agree. Johanne could follow my progress and had seen my change of flight plans. 


The Spot device will track your progress and mark your location every 10 minutes when set to tracking. One important point to note is that the device is not that expensive but there is an annual charge you have to pay to keep up the service. The basic service is $99.00 US and to cover tracking, this feature is an additional $32.00 US.  I find it a little costly but for the added safety of tracking your location and if you fly frequently I think it's worth it.  It's cheaper and more effective than an ELT!! Here's a link to the web site if you're interested.    www.findmeSPOT.com


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26 Jan 11 -  XC to Chipman, NB  -  Turned out to be a nice flying day so I decided to take the Challenger out for an XC to Chipman.  The flight took 52 minutes and the air was smooth as silk!! The pic in the middle is the Irving landing strip just outside Chipman, NB.


IMG_0906.jpg (462568 bytes) IMG_0909.jpg (411617 bytes) IMG_0912_1.jpg (351478 bytes)



24 Jan 11 -  21 Annual Challenger Owners Winter Rendezous, 4 - 6 Feb 11  -  Time for a mid winter esape to attend the Challenger Winter Rendezous in Montebello, Quebec located on the Ottawa River between Montreal and Ottawa.  Looking forward to see the Challenger Aircraft at the event before we fly back to Florida on the 9 February.  For more info, check the website out at  http://www.challenger.ca/icoa_11W_$montebello_announce.html



16 Jan 11 -  Saturday at  Weyman Field  -  The weather was frosty a bit at the Weyman Airfield but that didn't stop Real and Eric from getting in a flight. Again, if you dress for the occasion there's no reason why you can't enjoy the sport of PPG all year long!!


IMG_4747_1.jpg (261851 bytes)   IMG_4748_1.jpg (257712 bytes)   IMG_4758_1.jpg (188667 bytes)


IMG_4751_1.jpg (248640 bytes)   IMG_4752_2.jpg (208318 bytes)   IMG_4755_1.jpg (128057 bytes)



1 Jan 11-Happy New Year!!  - Today the weather was excellent for flying so I flew my first flight of the year with the Challenger on full ski's. Wow, it was fun!! The Challenger pushed through the deep snow with no problem.  I flew 9 flights to practise my ski flying and as I packed down the snow on the runway the take off distance was shorter & shorter.  I was quite surprised that there was very little resistance on the skis with the now packed snow. The Challenger would creep ahead even at idle!!  I flew for a total of 1 1/2 hours today. I'm hoping tomorrow will be more of the same.


 IMG_0896.jpg (405619 bytes) IMG_0881.jpg (279543 bytes) IMG_0883.jpg (250680 bytes) IMG_0897.jpg (291782 bytes)


Also Dave, Paul and Mark started the New Year with a flight from Weyman's Airstrip. to start the New Year.


IMG_4722_1.jpg (183795 bytes)         IMG_4731.jpg (241994 bytes)         IMG_4735.jpg (173366 bytes)



31 Dec 10 -  Last Weyman Flight of Year  - Dave and Paul had a great afternoon at Weyman's with warm temperatures and light winds for their last flight in 2010.  


IMG_4711.jpg (226296 bytes)   IMG_4713.jpg (252321 bytes)   IMG_4714_1.jpg (241681 bytes)   IMG_4717.jpg (141514 bytes)

                              Happy Holidays


                                                                             Xmas2010.jpg (55790 bytes)


Johanne and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Hope everyone is having good times with friends and family during the holiday season.  We would like to thank everyone for your continues support during the past year and look forward to the 2011 Training Season. Take Care and Fly Safe!!



21 Dec 10 -  New Hell Cat 360 Four Stoke  - ParaToys/BlackHawk introduced their first production four stroke motor Quad PPG called the Hell Cat 360.   For more info go to the Paratoys link -  http://poweredparaglidingnewbrunswick.com/paramotors/paramotorsparatoys.htm


paratoys.hellcat4strokeparamotor.jpg (60082 bytes)   paratoys.hellcatfront0300.jpg (72058 bytes)



20 Dec 10 -  Winter Flight!!  - It's been several years since Jo and I have been home during the winter but this morning I had a great flight in the snow!!  As always winter flying is a little more of a challenge dealing with the cold weather,  but if you dress for it you'll have a great flight.


Here are a few Winter Clothing tips:

  • Gloves/Mittens -   This is the most important piece of kit you'll need for winter flying. Your hands will freeze in short order without some sort of heated gloves, either by heat packs, batteries or 12 volt electric gloves. The main reason for your hands getting cold so quickly is due to your hand position when flying. Your hands are above your heart when flying, therefore you have less circulation going to your fingers. Any pilot that has flown in the winter will easily tell you that you can only fly as long as your hands can stand the cold.  When you lose feeling in your hands and fingers it's time to land!! I've tried plenty of different battery heated gloves and heat packs but the best gloves on the market is from Gerbing. They're a little pricey but well worth the money if you are going to be a serious winter flyer.  If you have a charging system with your unit you can purchase the 12Volt direct connector.  If not Gerbing sells the battery packs that work very well.  Here a link to their website. http://gerbing.com/Products/gloves.html

  • Exposed skin - Any exposed skin to include your face will quickly freeze if you're flying in below zero weather. Remember, whatever the current temperature is you can bet travelling at 30 kms will drop that temp dramatically.

Other flight equipment:

  • Winter Flight suit/ snow suit;

  • Warm boots or Mukluks;

  • Neck warmer - Exnay on the scarves - They might get into the prop!! LOL

  • Full face Ski doo or Bike helmet; or

  • PPG helmet with face protector and Ski Goggles.

Again, if you prepare yourself for winter flying you'll have a great time and really enjoy the winter air!! As you can see by the photos I'm dressed for the occasion. It was a great flight with no problems with dealing with the cold  air!! Mind you I'm a little spoiled with the ECO 4!!  This unit comes with a complete charging system in which keeps the gloves toasty warm during the whole flight as well as a foot throttle system making it  less busy with your hands during launch and flying.


  IMG_4973.jpg (478458 bytes) IMG_4976.jpg (467939 bytes) IMG_4978.jpg (468668 bytes) IMG_4998.jpg (457987 bytes)


 IMG_4997.jpg (507959 bytes) IMG_5015.jpg (453615 bytes) IMG_5012.jpg (457116 bytes) IMG_5016.jpg (476909 bytes)



19 Dec 10 -  Trike Mod  - After flying the Fly Products Xenit Trike for close to one year I have noticed that I had always had clean inflation's with this unit making the take-off at times too easy!! There is alot of design put into this trike and the one that makes the Xenit trike so successful is the positive propeller angle as seen in the first photo. This prop angle allows you to set up your glider correctly without having the prop blast disturb your paraglider during start up. This set up will ensure that your glider will be properly positioned until the time the "A's" are pulled into the prop blast. As long as the paraglider is being pulled evenly into the prop blast you will have a clean inflation everytime making inflation's very easy!!


Knowing what I have learned with the Xenit trike,  I decided to modify the ECO 4 so that it had also a positive angle of attack on the prop also. It wasn't too hard to make this change other than the ECO has a stainless steel frame which was costly to get properly welded up.  I designed a +5 Deg angle of attack on the prop(As seen in photo 3 and no that's not my nail polish. my wife Johanne was holding the angle tool. LOL).  Finally I changed the Hook up point forward a bit to compensate for the difference in prop angle to ensure I maintain a proper flight angle of -5 Deg. To test this set up I had the ECO 4 running at idle and I could lay down several feet behind the ECO 4 and feel no prop blast whatsoever.  This will definitely make the ECO 4 even easier to fly than it was before!!


 FlyProductXenittrike.2.jpg (30147 bytes)  IMG_4961.jpg (534708 bytes) IMG_4971.jpg (408106 bytes)



15 Dec 10 -  Looking for a PPG Pilot to shoot footage  - I received an email from a film producer that is interested in getting aerial photography for his film on "The James Delory Story" in Cape Breton.  Mike will provide food, accommodation and transport cost as well as film credits.  The footage will be shot in Cape Breton sometime (to be determined) this winter.  Sounds interesting but I'm away most of the winter and my equipment is currently in Florida.  If you are interested Mike's contact info is at the bottom of his email.  Here are the details of the email.


Movie Camera Operator  -  Hello, I am producing a 90-minute made for TV Docu-drama entitled "Chance - The James Delorey Story". You may have heard about the 7-year old autistic boy that went missing here in Cape Breton just last December. It is a very tragic story that affected so many all across the nation. As for the reason I am contacting you, I have several shots that require a very small camera (Lumix GH1) to be flown overhead of the various searchers in the woods. I would like to recreate from an aerial perspective, just how close and/or far some of the searchers were to finding James. As I am a half decent camera operator and have a few hours of fixed-wing flying experience, I am very tempted to drive to Sussex and take your class, purchase a unit (I have wanted to for some time now) and get the shots myself. But due to my time constraints, I thought that you may know of one of your staff or past students that may be interested in helping us with this project. We will be shooting this winter, and we have accommodations and transportation available. If you are interested in helping us or if you require more details please feel free to contact me anytime. If my flight training could be done ASAP I would be happy to come there and take the course. Thank you

Mike Horechuk



30 Nov 10 -  Challenger Flying!!  -  Alright, I know this isn't PPG but all I can say is I had a great day of flying!!  As you can see by the runway there was quite a bit of snow in Havelock.   I flew a few days ago with a little less snow than today without ski's and I got off the runway pretty quick due to the power of the Rotax 582. But, it snowed again and I did not want to overstress the front landing gear.   So I installed the front ski and took a quick spin around the field in the snow. The Challenger moved through the snow no problem. Why don't I install the mains also?? Two reasons, one is that we are forecasting rain later on in the week. The second is once the main ski's are installed I'll have to winch the aircraft back into the hangar in lieu of pushing it back on it's main wheels. I'll install the mains when the real snow shows up!!

I flew several flights today totaling over 3 hours flight. I flew around the Havelock area, Sussex, Belle Isle etc,etc. I had a good look at Poley, it looks like they're busy getting ready for this season. Belle isle starting to freeze up a bit. I'll be soon expanding my horizon's to different areas, especially when the lakes/rivers freeze up!!  If tomorrow's weather is good I'll be off to Chipman!!

IMG_0873.jpg (397663 bytes)


IMG_0854.jpg (368809 bytes) IMG_0864.jpg (385332 bytes) IMG_0870.jpg (291749 bytes) IMG_0879.jpg (412822 bytes)




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