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Pine Island, Florida - 2008

 27 Dec  2008  to  01 Jan 2009 -  Pine Island, Florida  

It's NOT winter here!  Paul Czarnecki's from Planet PPG.com hosted another PPG event at Pine Island Airport which is near Cape Coral, Florida.  You can fly morning, noon and evening in the sun shine state over the beaches, mangrove and watch the dolphins and manatees swimming around the islands.  You can camp with tents or RV's on site with lots of non-flying activities and many places to eat nearby.  

We arrived Pine Island on Friday evening 26 Dec 08.  The next day a few PPG Pilots from Quebec had arrived to enjoy the warm air.  Three Quebec pilots made the trip to Cayo Costa Island and stayed there several hours soaking up the sun.  We're planning a mass launch to the Island when conditions are good!! We'll be staying at Pine Island for several day's after the event, then we will be departing towards Houston Texas to visit my niece. 

Cayo Costa Island - Florida



Pine Island Airport - Florida


                                   Stephan - Quebec                                                           Carlos - Florida



                                 Frank - NB                                                                             Benoit - Quebec


                                                        Germain and wife Chantal  - Quebec


                              Jean Francois - Quebec                                                       Gibert - Quebec


                                                                Eric and wife Elisabeth - Paratour


                                                               Carolyn and wife Stephan - Quebec


                                                                              Night Glow     


After 108 Trike Flights, Leslie took her 100th Foot Launch Flight this evening at Pine Island.  Mike presented his daughter with a bottle of Welch's Sparking Non-Alcohol Grape Juice. 


                                        Para Flyers traditional Saturday Night Steak Dinner by the campfire.